Don’t live with the gap.

It’s not like your teeth are stained a dark yellow. It’s not like you lost your two front teeth in an accident. A gap between your teeth isn’t the end of the world.

And yet, it’s still something that you’d rather live without. It’s one of those things that seems like it’s not a big deal… until it happens to you, that is. Luckily, the solution for your gap is relatively simple - all you have to do is put some effort into aligning your teeth. You do this with gap bands.

You don’t have to suffer from the embarrassment of getting braces and not being able to smile for years. In fact, gap bands can completely seal your gap within 30 days. This is a claim based in fact - most of our clients see improvement within 30 days and don’t need to order more than one package of bands from us.

What’s perfect teeth worth to you?

You can go ahead and spend thousands on braces or Invisalign - no one’s stopping you. Or, you can take the easier route and buy a package of gap bands from us for just $10.

A gap can be created by something as basic as flossing too much. A basic problem can be solved with a basic solution, and that solution is gap bands. They’re simple elastics that are designed to get rid of spaces between your teeth.

Order a package of teeth gap bands today and test them out. You’ll start to see your gap getting smaller within days. Within weeks, it will be completely gone. Shipping is free, our costs are a fraction of what you’d find at the dentist’s office, and our customer support is unmatched.

We want to see you smiling.

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